FREE Print@Home

The GRATIS print@home delivery option allows you to print out your ticket right after completing your reservation. You can do so even shortly before taking the boat ride; therefore, you do not need to rely on a delivery service and deposit times. Moreover, you will also save on the delivery costs as WIEN-TICKET does not charge any fee for this service!

How does GRATIS print@home work?
After successfully paying for your ticket, you can display and print it by pressing the “Print ticket” button. Moreover, you can view your GRATIS print@home ticket in your personal login area (My Area) under “View purchase details / GRATIS print@home” and print it out as a PDF file anytime up to the trip date. Your ticket will also be attached to the confirmation e-mail that you will receive.

The one-off bar code shown on your GRATIS print@home ticket will be electronically invalidated when you board the boat. When boarding, the principle of “first come, first serve” generally applies. (This means that the print@home ticket that is first accepted with clear passenger identification is the valid one. Any subsequently presented tickets with the same identification are automatically invalidated when the passenger with the first tickets boards the boat.) Please keep your print@home ticket at a safe place and do not pass it on to third parties. Further ensure that your printer prints out the bar code in a well legible manner to avoid time delays during boarding.

In order to be able to print out your ticket, you must at least have Acrobat Reader Version 5 installed on your computer. You can then print out the ticket on any ordinary laser or ink-jet printer in a clean typeface in colour or black-and-white on a DIN A4-size sheet of paper. If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed, you can download it for free from here.

The GRATIS print@home ticket is equally secure as your ordinary ticket. The tickets are scanned by our access control system when you board the boat. Only one person can singularly board the Twin City Liner with a GRATIS print@home ticket. Therefore, it is important that you keep your GRATIS print@home ticket in a safe place and not make the ticket or the link available to other people. In the case of copies or multiple print-outs of the same ticket, only the first person will be allowed to pass through the access checkpoint. The ordering person will be held liable by the boat operator if multiple print-outs or copies of the ticket are made.